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Dernière mise à jour par Nicolas Dufour - 19 March 2020

Longueuil, March 19, 2020 – The Association Hôtellerie Québec (AHQ) is pleased to announce the participation of the industry and the Greater Montreal and Quebec Hotel Associations in support of health measures currently being implemented in Quebec, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The industry, throughout Quebec, will be called upon to offer shelter services, at the request of Public Health, to lighten the health network. Minor and non-infectious cases would be moved to a few hotels near hospital centres to provide hospital units to support them. Some public health authorities have contacted hoteliers who are members of the AHQ in order to initiate discussions in this regard.

Specific criteria are part of the public authorities’ consideration of the choice of institutions. In the first place, the public health authorities will contact hoteliers directly to do their part and this measure will evolve according to the situation. As soon as the agreements are confirmed with the hoteliers concerned, Public Health will take charge of the protocol.

The AHQ works closely with the relevant ministries, both to implement health measures in establishments and to suggest economic aid to entrepreneurs and employees in the hotel sector.

With my colleagues from the Association des hôteliers du grand Montréal (AHGM) and the Association hôtelière de la région de Québec (AHRQ), we have contacted several hoteliers to discuss the assistance we could provide. Our hoteliers have mobilized and responded to the call, because they want to contribute to the overall effort. It is important to understand, however, that we have no indication of how much effort will be required.”
Xavier Gret, President and CEO
Quebec Hotel Association

“The AHQ is very active, with our colleagues in the regions and sectors, on the crisis management unit set up by the Alliance to support the industry. This unit is working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and the action announced today is a concrete example of a possible gesture in solidarity with the situation in Quebec.”
Martin Soucy, President and CEO
Quebec Tourism Industry Alliance

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