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        Association Hôtellerie Québec


        100 – 450, Chemin de Chambly,

        Longueuil (Quebec), J4H 3L7


        Tel. : (579) 721-6215

        or 1 877 769-9776

        Fax : (579) 721-3663

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    • CEO

        Xavier Gret

        President and Chief Executive Officer

        Tel.: (579) 721-6215, ext. 2

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    • Administration
      • DJP_1848


        Véronick Daniel
        Administrative assistant

        Project Manager
        Tel.: (579) 721-6215, ext. 3

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    • Communication

        Nicolas Dufour 
        Director of Communications et media relations

        Tel.: (579) 721-6215, ext. 7

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    • Finance
      • Josée Bourque
        Tel.: (579) 721-6215, ext. 0

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Last update ComAHQ - 25 May 2016

Given by Thierry Hamtiaux, an HR and occupational health and safety expert, this webinar will be about the management of complaints and difficult situations.

About Mr Hamtiaux:
After graduating from an industrial psychology master’s degree at Montréal University in 1979, Thierry Hamtiaux has spent his whole career as a Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety consultant (internal or external) for either big organisations or small companies. Interview techniques, harassment or assault investigation, health at work, mediation and discipline management, are part of the scope of its expertise developed throughout his career.

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