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Dernière mise à jour par Nicolas Dufour - 7 May 2020


Dear members,

With the arrival of good weather, many Quebecers are wondering what the summer of 2020 has in store for them. We’re working to provide the answers, both for travellers and for you. Although the 2020 tourist season will probably not be what we were preparing for based on the last few years, we are working closely with government authorities and our industry partners, such as the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, to develop a safe offer for you, your employees and tourists alike.

In collaboration with experts from the health network and multiple partners, such as CNESST and ITHQ, we develop health guides for you to help you have all the tools you need to recover.

Even if the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Caroline Proulx, is thinking about a tourist summer in Quebec, health measures will have to be deployed in your establishment to ensure the success of the deconfinement while protecting your employees. Once these documents are completed, we will send them to you quickly. Also, in anticipation of this possible tourist season, we will focus a lot of our marketing on online reservations, directly on the hotel’s website. A simple way to encourage our local economy.

We would also like to remind you that since May 1st, you are obliged to display your certificate number on each of your advertisements. We invite you to send us an email at with your certificate number so that it can be added to our website.
You will find in this newsletter some interesting information for our industry.
Together, we will be stronger as an industry!

Xavier Gret
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Quebec Hotel Association

La COVID-19 et le tourisme : Recommandations clés afin de soutenir les entreprises

Articles de référence - La COVID-19 et le tourisme : Recommandations clés afin de soutenir les entreprises.

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